Over 700 Students failed Law Entrance Examination

Over 700 Students failed Law Entrance Examination

This year’s Law Entrance Examination results published by the  General Legal Council (GLC) saw 797 students trailing in the entrance exams.

The rate at which students trailed in the Entrance Examination became a big issue for students in the Law fraternity, a situation that has compelled a students group called ‘Concerned Law Students’have challenged the GLC to release the raw scores of every candidate who sat for the exams in order to ensure fairness and transparency.

In a statement issued by the group, it emphasized the need to publish the raw scores due to the high rate of failure which the group believed was questionable.

“We call on the GLC to release results of every candidate since it is difficult to fathom that the rest of the 797 candidates whose name did not appear on the pass list all failed. Assuming without admitting that this number failed, the GLC must publish their raw scores/total marks in order to ensure transparency and fairness,” it added.

A private legal practitioner, Professor Kwaku Asare, had challenged the constitutionality of the law entrance exams in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme court ruled that the requirements were in violation of the Legislative Instrument 1296which gives direction for the mode of admission.

The GLC still insisted and conducted the entrance examination which saw over 700 students not being able to make it to the law school.

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