Kintampo College of Health Admission Form 2018/2019, Application, Requirements & Guidelines


Kintampo College of Health Admission Form 2018/2019, Application, Requirements & Guidelines – The Kintampo College of Health has released the Admission Forms for the various programme for the 2018/2019 academic year.


The Kintampo College of Health invites Applications from qualified applicants for admission into various programmes offered at the institution for the 2018/2019 Academic Year:

Kintampo College of Health 2018/2019 Admission Forms; Applications will be invited from qualified candidates for entry into any of the Health Training Institutions in Ghana from February 2018.   Applicants must:

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Applications are invited from qualified candidates for entry into Kintampo College of Health.

Applicants must:

  1. Purchase application codes from any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)or Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) branch (This includes the cost of verification of results, SMS alerts and all other correspondence).

Alternatively, applicants can pay with MTN mobile money by going to Click mobile money link and follow the instructions.

  1. Upon payment, applicants will receive a voucher giving them a unique serial Number (SN) and PIN.
  1. Have a dedicated phone number and an e-mail address.
  1. Use their serial number(SN) and PIN code to access the application form online at
  1. Note that the online registration form is accessible only by the SN and PIN.
  1. Follow the instructions carefully and fill the relevant stages of the admission process once the online application is opened.
  2. Use the reference number you would receive on submission of your form to track the status of the admission process.

nursing schools admissions

 Note that only Applicants who meet admission requirements will be invited to attend a competitive interview at the school of choice.


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  1. Comment: Please after interview, is there any entrance exam as a PA (Physician Assistant) applicants?

  2. Comment:please, according to the requirement for diploma in community mental is only for the service requirement as in those with certificate programs. l would like to know if the Bsc in community mental health is starting this year for as to apply? please help me know.

  3. Please am with a General science certificate but without biology…

    Please am I eligible to apply for any of the programs offered at this college ???
    Please I may want to hear from you so as to know the way forward…….Thanks Sir/madame

  4. pls i am an auxiliary CHN, with the following results, can I offer the PA program
    Elective maths=B3
    I have also served for Three years

  5. Comment Text* I want apply for medical laboratory technology but my physics was cancelled, can I replace it with elective maths

  6. Please I’m having a diploma in environmental health and sanitation in education at university of education weneba, can I apply for physician assistantship.????.

  7. Please I’m having a diploma in environmental health and sanitation in education at university of education weneba, can I apply for sandwich degree i n disease control???.

  8. I have diploma in environmental health and sanitation in education from university of education wineba, so please can apply for the degree in disease control???.

  9. I have diploma in environmental health and sanitation in education from university of education wineba, so please can apply for the degree in disease control???.

  10. Comment Text*
    pls I holding certificate in community health nursing. can I apply for bsc community health nursing – health promotion sandwich? this yr

  11. Pls I had D7 in maths ,itwas my lowest grade , but passed all de other subject can I apply fr a deploma course in kintampo college of health

  12. Plse I Ve read about the admission requirement and I seem to lag a bit, i wanted medical lab tech. or common. medicine and health. Plse is there any order thing that may be considered to support my cert? I actually Ve 2years working experience in health extension. My grades: math-C6, English-C6, Science-B3, Chemistry-C6, physics-C6, Biology-D7.

    • Comment: no pls unless u pass no institution will admit you try distance learning or go to shs u can combine two school wassce cert for admission

  13. Ntiamoah Grace | 12 February 2018. Please l had social C6;English C5:Core MathsB3: intergrated scienceB3:EconomicsD7:Biology3 :Food and nutritionB3::MGT in livingB2:Please can l apply for Bac:Nutrition.

  14. My problem is that, I offered chemistry, physics, elective mathematics and geography but not biology will I get admission to offer physician assistant?

  15. Comment Text*what was the admission fee scheduled for 2017/2018 academic year since 2018/2019 academic year is pending?
    can i pursue physician assistant with the following results
    1 integrated science B2
    2 social studies. A1
    3 English. B3
    4 mathematics (core) B3
    5 mathematics (elect). B2
    6 chemistry. B2
    7 biology. B3
    8 physics. C4

  16. Pls is all post basic programs for certificate holder going to be run on sandwich basis this year.e.g for diploma in nurition

  17. Comment Text*Please, can we apply with weac results as direct entry into degree as community mental health ? Please l need your help.

  18. Comment Text* please I’m a business student can i get admission to study health record management with both WASSCE CERTIFICATE AND NOVEMBER/ DECEMBER attach as a certificate program?

  19. Have work in Ghana health service for 12year as health assistant with experience in nurse can I apply for physician assistant and have three F9

    • Please I had c6 in English, Science and Twi, B3 in Econs and also C5 in Core Maths and Geography. Am I qualified to apply

  20. My name is Mohammed Yusuf Kamdio,
    I completed last year but I only have problem with core maths and science ( F9), I wrote Nov/Dec put it is still the same.
    I want to know whether I can apply.

  21. Hello,
    Where can I purchase the form from? i check at an ADB branch and was told they were not selling any form there. I tried purchasing through mobile money n that didn’t work either. I will be grateful for any assistance.

    Thank you

  22. please can apply with these grades;EnglishD7,InterscienceB3,,,,ChemistryB2,Physics C4,,BiologA1 SocialB2 E.maths A1 C.maths B3….I want to be laboratory technician

  23. I had C6 in English language and Physics, do I have the opportunity to apply for Community Medicine and Health. How much is the application form and when will it be out.

  24. Comment Text*Please can i apply for community nursing at kintampo with science and economics D7 and core Mathematics E8

  25. Comment Text*please I have core maths E8,English D7,Science D7,Social B3,Bussiness management B3,cost Accounting C5,Financial accounting C6,Economics C5.please which field am I qualify to apply,i also need nursing collage

  26. I had B3 in English, core mathematics, biology, chemistry and integrated science and also A1 in social studies, B2 in elective mathematics and C6 in physics. Pls can I offer medical assistant at kintampo college of health.


  28. I have D7 in maths I want to pursue either nutrition or disease control. I did home economics at shs level I have B3 in all other subjects

  29. Please, I want to know the entering requirement for laboratory Technician and the category of students needed whether General Science or General Agric?

  30. Please, I want to know the entery requirement for DISPENSARY course. Moreover is it a certificate or diploma? lastly How years or months does one takes to complete?
    may I know the category of SHS students qualified. Eg General Science or General Agric students. Thanks.

  31. I had C6 in English, D7 in Mathematics, Science B3, Government B3, Economics B3, History B3, Twi B3, Social B3
    Please can I get cause to offer in Kintampo College of Health?

  32. Pls may i know the deadline of filling the forms and the price as well. And if u mistakely filled for a course u don’t want can u change it later or no room for such? thanks.

  33. Please do they add the top-ups in
    1.Bsc.nutrition (public health)?
    2.Bsc Clinical nutrition/dietetics?
    3.Bsc disease control?
    4.Bsc health information?
    Bsc.Medical laboratory? there sandwich for diploma in dental surgery?
    As sandwich or regular?
    Please kindly alert me.
    Thanks you


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