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National Service Scheme, NSS Posting 2018/2019 – Check National Service Posting Status  – posting.nssghana.org

National Service Secretariat (NSS)

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nss.gov.gh posting:  The National Service Scheme (NSS) wishes to inform the general public especially applicants that applied for National Service 2018/2019, that they can now check the National Service Posting Online following the below procedures.


To Check your NSS Posting Status, follow the leads below to access the list;

Congrats to all successfully posted candidates.

If you have difficulties checking your NSS Posting Information, Kindly drop your NSS No. on the comment box and we can help you check your Posting Information.


nss.gov.ng registration: Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ghanaians for the 2017/2018 National Service Scheme (NSS) Ghana registration exercise.

Every person willing to undertake the mandatory national service this year must follow the steps below strictly in order to avoid any complications.

STEP ONE: Enrollment PIN. NSS secretariat will generate an Enrollment PIN (Personal Identification Number) for you using final year class list obtained from your educational institution.

As a prospective National Service Personnel, you are required to check with the students’ affairs office/students representative council/ office of the Dean of Students at your institution to pick up your PIN.

Enrollment PINS are usually released in February or March of every service year.

STEP TWO: Payment of Processing Fees & NASPA Dues. Once you picked your PIN, proceed to any branch of Agricultural Development Bank (ADB bank) and pay your required enrollment processing fees and dues (currently 40 Ghana Cedis) in order to access the online registration platform. Note that without the payment you will not be able to register for your mandatory national service.

STEP THREE: Online Enrollment. After payment of your processing fees, please log on to www.nss.gov.gh.

Move your mouse cursor towards the Registration menu, click on the Enroll submenu, which will open the online registration system for you to provide all the necessary personal details needed for your postings. Please click on submit after completing the online registration form, and print a copy of the receipt.

The receipt will contain a unique NSS alphanumeric code that will be used to identify you throughout your period of national service and beyond.

STEP FOUR: Deployment. Once you have properly registered to be deployed, visit www.nss.gov.gh regularly for news about the release of posting or deployment.

According to the NSS posting schedule, announcements about deployment will not be later than June of the year.

Deployment news is also often released to the popular press and on social media platforms


STEP FIVE: Check Posting. As soon as NSS postings are released, you can check for where you will be doing your national service by sending your NSS alphanumeric code via SMS text on your phone to a short code to be announced by NSS, and details of your posting will show up on your phone screen immediately. Alternatively, you can input your NSS pin on the NSS website or a website to be provided at the time of release to check your posting.

STEP SIX: Appointment Letter. Once you know where you are posted for your national service, you can log on to www.nss.gov.gh click on Check Postings.

After following the required process online, your appointment letter will appear on the screen of your computer.

Print at least three (3) copies of your appointment letter to complete the necessary processes for the commencement of your national service.

STEP SEVEN: Report at The Regional Office. With your appointment letters in hand, proceed to Region in which you will be doing your national service and report at the NSS Regional Office for the Regional Director of the scheme to endorse your appointment.

Contact numbers of Regional Offices can be found on our website www.nss.gov.gh under the Contact Us menu

STEP EIGHT: Report to Your User Agency. From the regional office proceed to User Agency where you will be doing your national service for the head of that institution to also endorse your appointment letters to testify that you have reported as posted.

It is important that the date of endorsement is indicated on your appointment letter

STEP NINE: File A Copy of Your Letter at NSS District Office. Send the fully endorsed and dated letter to your district office.

Give a copy of your endorsed appointment letter to the NSS District Director to place on file in the office.

Contact details of our District Offices can be found on our website www.nss.gov.gh under the Contact Us menu.

STEP TEN: Back To Your User Agency To Start. Once your appointment letter is filed, you are required to return to your User Agency and start your national service as required in September of the year in which you were posted.

STEP ELEVEN: Monthly Duty Reporting Form. Once you begin, you will be required every month to submit to your NSS District Office, a Duty Reporting Form endorsed by the supervisor at User Agency where you are doing your national service.


This form is designed not only to facilitate the processing of your allowances but also to serve as a tool to obtain performance information about you from your supervisor.
More Information?
Please visit: www.nss.gov.gh
Call office Numbers: 029-937-0105 029-937-0117 029-937-0118 029-937-0119 0299370203
Email: info@nss.gov.gh


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  1. Any time I check my posting it says nss number may be incorrect or you have not been posted yet

  2. Please any time I check my nss posting it says
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    My nss number is NSSGEW9141418
    MY number is 0544659980

  3. Please I have not received my posting massage yet .And anytime I check it always say your nss number is in correct or has
    not been posted yet. Thank you. NSS ID- NSSGEW7041618

  4. Please am been posted to Bethel rock basic school Accra but am not getting the location kindly help me locate it

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    nss number NSSGEW8489018

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    comment: Please help me because when I check it keeps on saying no records found.
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    • Sir am Rose Yeboah I also tried checking for my posting but it said record not found .My NSS Number is NSSGPR9438218


  9. l was posted but where they have posted me to is not in that district and also am not on salary.This is my no……NSSGCC1418217

    • Please I have Applied for a reposting but it hasn’t come till date… NSS number:NssGDm018617

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