2017 List of Shortlisted Applicants for Ghana Police Service Recruitment.


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Ghana Police Service Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018 – List of Shortlisted Candidates for Ghana Police Service Recruitment 2017/2018 – www.police.gov.gh

Ghana Police Service Recruitment 2017

Ghana Police Service Recruitment, Ghana Police Service Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2017, Check List of Ghana Police Service Shortlisted Candidates, Ghana Police Service Careers, Shorlisted Names for Ghana Police Service Training– www.police.gov.gh

www.police.gov.gh Shortlisted Candidates:  The Ghana Police Service wishes to inform the general public especially applicants that applied for Ghana Police Service recruitment 2017/2018, that the list of shortlisted candidates for the Ghana Police Service recruitment exercise has been released online.

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Ghana Police Service Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2017/2018

Ghana Police Service Recruitment List of Shortlisted Candidates for the 2017 Ghana Police Service Recruitment exercise has been successfully uploaded online, follow the leads below to access the list;

Visit Ghana Police Service Recruitment Portal via https://www.police.gov.gh to access the list.

Candidates are requested to take note of their selection centre and to bring along with them the following documents:

1. Copy of the print out of the reply to your online application (qualified to the next stage)

2. Birth Certificate (Original) not Baptismal Certificate
3. JHS Certificate   (Original & Photocopies)
4. SHS Certificate   (Original & Photocopies)

5. Two (2) passport size photograph

Failure to submit ALL the afore-mentioned documents automatically renders a candidate disqualified.

Candidates should make their own accommodation arrangements and should be prepared to stay for at least three days at their own expense.

N/B: It is illegal to pay for Ghana Police Service Job and never you patronized fraudster parading themselves as officers of  Ghana Police Service asking you to pay money for them to help you get the job (If you are caught, off-course you know what will happen to you).

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  1. All those who applied and were not qualified for the screening and exams OR those who have not yet received there message for medical should contact Mr Raymond Ashante for your reconnection to the service.

  2. U have to be aware that they will not announce to any one about the date. It will be secret to the qualified applicants. And it will be soon coming up. NO GROUP IS NEEDED PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t give ur numbers out to any body

  3. Pls just join this watsup group n lets update ourselves on the medicals thanks…drop ur number or watsup me on 0248704157

  4. Please when are you releasing the results or the names of those that has passed for the medical screening/ the next stage?
    Please notify me the.

    • but hv u qualified from the test u wrote? if yes then they will call u for the medicals no need to rush.moreover graduates are yet to write their aptitude test so unless they hv all finished.

    • but hv u qualified from the test u wrote? if yes then they will call u for the medicals no need to rush.moreover graduates are yet to write their aptitude test so unless they hv all finished.

  5. Please when are we those who qualified at Cape coast (graduate applicants) be writing our aptitude test?
    Because were told we will be writing it in Accra

  6. Please I left both my birth certificate and J.H.S certificate at my village I message my brother to bring them to me but he said is only Tuesday, which is tommorow that he will get a car to bring them to me and I have their pictures on my phone while waiting. I want to ask can I bring what I have in my phone while waiting for the original one please?

  7. please, we were asked to come along with our original certificates, but there is one thing disturbing me that is what of those who completed shs 2017 and their original certificate is not yet out, what shall we do?

  8. Please my name is Nartey Joseph and have qualified for the next stage of the Ghana police service recruitment but I didn’t receive any email about the screening center.Than.you.

    • Please My JHS certificate has been carry away by River Tano during the flooding in 2010 but I have the SHS original, so don’t I qualify jet still

  9. My qualified chit has been burnt during a fire outbreak at my home. So please what should i do to get an original coppy again?I reveiwed the site and couldin’t get the original coppy because the site has been closed.please help me go for screeng.

  10. Please i have received an SMS for screening but i don’t remember my password to access my email and print the chit. Any help for me now as the date is drawing near????

  11. please,I have received a message pertaining the screening but,was not specified the actual center for the screening and I may need your help please.

  12. My number is not correct so pls help me to get the GPS message my number is 0546000801 this is my number pls help me to go for the screening

  13. Pls my number is not correct so i didn’t get the message so pls what should i do help me to go for screening

  14. Please I have received an SMS for screening but I don’t remember my password to access my email and print the chit. Any help for me now as the date is drawing near???

  15. Comment Text* please I hav’nt received any email nor text message what should I do please I only red about screening which will start 29 -01-2018 help me out please

  16. Please sir while filling my former, the typist, by mistake wrote my number as; 0541535172 instead of the correct number 0541585172 please can it be changed for me am Anyedina Nchor Nelson

    • Guys the date is out,,, u jxt go to https/police.gov.gh.service after that u will enter ur num n submit it n ur date will sent to u through SMS… N don’t forget to go n print the chit for screening date date thank u…

  17. Comment Text* My dear bro and sisters the screening date is 29th Jan to 3rd Feb. They have postponed it from 22rd to 29th Jan to 3rd Feb. They will send message to every one by the end of Friday 26th jan who qualified online registration.

  18. Comment Text*Please I have qualified to the next stage but I have not received any message from Ghana Police Service as a shortlist candidate. Please can you send me the shortlist. Please this is my number *0558244984*

  19. Pls I qualified for the first phase but I haven’t received any message from GPS as a shortlisted candidate can u plz send the list to verify if I’m Among of the shortlisted candidates or not pls

  20. Comment Text*please if they are starting Screening atleast one of us would have get an SMS /email,so let have patience and wait for
    the messages

  21. Hi pls im mavis, i just opened the link to check whether or not, I qualified to the next stage, i saw ‘YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO THE NEXT STAGE’ with no explanations. but i qualified during the first stage. could someone explain something to me cos im confused. thank you


    Those undergoing Police recruitment the screening date is from 22nd to 28th January, 2018.
    Examination is 27th that is if you qualified after body selection.The venue for the screening is Police training school in the various regions, but in a region that we don’t have Police training school, jubilee park or stadium will be arrange for the exercise. The screening is taking place throughout the ten regions in Ghana. We are expecting a huge number. Thanks. Please someone sends me this so I need a confirmation

  23. Comment Text*please how would you know that you have shortlisted for the next stage.because I followed your site for the shortlisted name,they ordered Me to enter email and password to check my application status.after that I saw my picture and all the necessary information there,does it mean I have been shortlisted

  24. When is the screening date for the Ghana police short listed people
    I haven’t received any Email concerning that and I’m worried

  25. Please GPS I qualified to the nest stage but I have two days mistake in my date of birth and please does that disqualifies me.

  26. Comment Text*
    I have not received any information about the my appointment to the screening,with I heard is the been calling qualified personnel for interview

  27. Please I want to know the date for the screening and review of documents and please are we going to receive text messages

  28. please will you be disqualified if you provide the afore-mentioned documents leaving one of them?let’s say you have your JHS and SHS certificate, the copy of the print out of the reply to the online application with your two passport pictures and you’ve misplaced your birth certificate, will you be disqualified?

    • Comment Text*yes pls they will disqualify u if u don’t hve all de aforementioned documents so pls try to do de birth cert wai

  29. I have miss place my bece original certificate and I went to waec for attestation, during Gaf recruiting. can I use that one to apply police? Or do I need to do another one for coming police screening?

  30. Comment Text*please sir,how can I get access to the short listed names since I have not received any awareness as at now.Thank you.

  31. Please officer, my JHS original copy got burnt during a fatal fire outbreak some time ago in our house, and therefore I only have the copies will dis disqualify me?

  32. Please I cannot access the list of the shortlisted candidates at the recpm mended site.can u please show the steps to access it

  33. It was starter that in the requirement that person’s with E passed will be picked why is it that others are disqualified with E passes

  34. I completed SHS in the 2017 academic year and my WASSCE certificate is not yet ready, I want to know whether there is a chance for me to apply, even without the JHS own.

  35. Please I had socialA1 scienceC6 c.mathsE8 EnglishC4 EconomicsC5 GeographyC6 GovernmentC6 E.maths B3. Can I buy the forms with ds results.

  36. I completed SHS this year(2017) and my original wassce certificate isn’t in school but I have the result slip can I still apply??

  37. Can 2017 candidate who wrote Wassce this year apply for the police service while their original certificate is not in their various schools?????

  38. Can 2017 candidate who wrote Wassce in this year apply for the police service while their original certificate is not in their various schools ???

  39. Good morning, we are into printing and online registration and many more to,please any one who want us to help him/her to fill 2017 Ghana Police Recruitment online or any online registration can contact Philip printing press on 0554507905.

  40. Why is it that only degree people and Not HND people. Those who offered HND are not Ghanaians? What those who did HND Building Technology.

  41. I have head that, the office is now taking university and train college to take form but she student are no more taking them. is that a true story?


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