University of Ghana Admission Forms 2018/2019 – UG Legon Admission Forms Updates


AD: 2018/2019 Admission Lists of Universities in Ghana

University of Ghana Admission Forms 2018/2019 – UG Legon Admission Forms Updates | University of Ghana, UG admission forms, cut-points and requirements for the 2017/2018 academic year.


University of Ghana (UG)

Are you a UG Legon Prospective Student? Stay up to date with absolute University of Ghana Latest Admission News and Updates for the 2018/2019 academic year.

The University of Ghana hereby Invites Applications from suitably qualified for admission into various programmes at the University of Ghana, UG Legon for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Do you wish to study at the University of Ghana UG Legon? Are you anticipating UG Legon Admission Forms for the 2018/2019 academic year? IF YES, This page is the recommended place for you to easily and conveniently track and secure your admission at the University of Ghana.

This Page is Dedicated to all UG Prospective Students 2018/2019

2018 University of Ghana Undergraduate Prospective Students
2018 University of Ghana Law Prospective Students

2018 University of Ghana Postgraduate Prospective Students
2018 University of Ghana Distance Education Prospective Students
2018 University of Ghana Sandwich Prospective Students
2018 University of Ghana International Prospective Students

This page is updated automatically immediately the University of Ghana Releases it Admission Form or Admission Related News Updates. So stay in touch all the time.



The following are University of Ghana Legon UG Admission Forms 2018 for all programmes. The admission forms are grouped under the various categories of application.

IMPORTANT: Admission Form Links will be Updated When the University Opens Admission Applications into various programmes for 2018/2019 academic year.

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  1. Comment:Am Philip plx
    want to know wen will the 2018/2019 addmission list will be out and the they will start sending messages

  2. Please I had
    Social B3
    Science B3
    Mathat B3
    English C4
    Geography C5
    Econs B3
    CRS B3
    Government B3, can I apply for BA political science in UG?

  3. I wrote mature entrance exams and i passed. Please can I apply as a full-time student on legon campus or I can only apply as a distance student. I need a reply please.

  4. Hi. Am Monica and I would like to know when the distance form for UG will be out for 2018/2019 academic year

  5. pls i have CGPA of 4.12 in pharmacy technician can i apply for disease control in public health and at what level will i be admitted.tnk u

  6. Want to know whether I can apply with my diploma certificate to do my degree.if yes
    What are the admission requirements and how do I start.and what forms do I have to buy.plx

  7. Comment:Am Godwin ,please my daughter has just completed her exams, I have applied for admission in advance on-line and submitted.
    Please what next Will I do?

    • all forms are out.
      most have been out since 2nd January and admissions will be closed by 31st July for some. I’m not too sure about the rest.

  8. Good evening please I wanted to know the date when the admission forms for 2018/2019 is out
    If is out too you can let me know please.

  9. Hi,
    I do not have a degree yet but have a chartered banking certificate from the CIB Ghana, please advice,
    Can i have a two years top up in Banking and Finance or yet can i have the opportunity to do my masters in Finance, please advice.
    Thank you

  10. what type of certificate can be awarded to an undergraduate who wants to study through the distance learning mode?

  11. Please is the 2018/2919 admission form out and when is the closing date?
    Can general arts student read degree in nursing in the institution?

  12. Had d7 in core maths and the rest are btn b3 and c6. Want to study social work. Will I have better chances if I choose fee-paying regular or something else. ..need advice pls

  13. Core maths C5
    English C5
    Social studies B2
    government B2
    Economics B2
    Geography C4
    pls will I gain admission to offer economics and finance ?Thanks for your time

  14. Am a Nigerian.
    and I want to confirm if the admission form for 2018/2019 is out?
    pls I need an urgent reply

  15. pls these are my results social a1 science b3 English c6 maths d7 economics a1 twi a1 crs a1 and government b2.pls will I gain admission in ur noble institution

  16. Comment Text*
    am a student of IPMC college of technology with a certificate and advance diploma and I want to continue with computer science at university of legon but my elective mathematics and geography, I had E8 in both subjects. am I advised to write any examination

  17. pls I’m Patricia,I want to find out more abt the distanct education in nursing and also the month in which sandwich can be taken. hoping tohear frm you soon. also I want to know if the forms for distant education are out and the dead line too. thank you

  18. Hi
    B3 in English
    C6 in Science
    D7 in maths
    B3 in BM
    B3 in Social
    D7 in Accounting
    C4 in Costing
    B3 in Economics
    Pls will I gain admission to do banking and Finance

  19. please i was admitted at UG last year,i wanted to offer political science but the school gave me Bachelor of fine arts that was even my third choice,so please i want to be given political science,because ma grade was good

  20. i used the same index number for two years when writing NOV / DEC but the UG application site is only accepting that i use the number once. can some one help with how to go through this challenge? thanks

  21. hi am imam
    pls with my grade
    social D7
    English C4
    Maths B3
    Science B3
    E maths C6
    Biology C6
    Chemistry C4
    physics D7
    will I be admitted??

  22. Pls can I read Business Administration at UG with the following results
    Social studies -A1
    E – maths -A1
    BM. -A1
    Economics. – B2
    English lang – B3
    Core-maths. – B3
    Financial a/c -B3
    Int. Science. -C6

  23. Please I had Maths c6….English D7….science C6…Economics B3…..Geography C4……Government C6….please i want to ask that can i apply for admission in degree….as computer science student or which course can i offer. Thank you

    • Hello, I am Anna a 2nd year Bsc Computer Science student at UDS.
      In response to your question, you’d have to get a better grade in maths and science to be eligible, its even better to have a physics or chemistry grade in addition, apart from that you can apply for Information Technology or Environmental Science or Earth science if you’re interested. However if you’re able to do any science course, write again and pass in addition to your passing geography then you’d have a chance in The University of Mines and Technology. Good luck and I hope you make the best choice that suits you

  24. Hello, please am Joana Manu. I just completed certificate in nursing and I wanted to know if I could get a chance to study degree in midwifery

  25. I had

    Math D7
    English C5
    Social B3
    Science B3
    Geography B3
    Government B2
    Economics C4
    French C4

    But I wrote Nov/Dec last year and had C6 in math. So my total grade is 23, do I qualify to persue BA Political Studies or BA Geography and regional planning????

    • Yes. As long as you get below aggregate 24, you are qualified. However, your preferred programmes are very competitive, so you may not be selected. But your chances are higher for these programmes if you choose City Campus or Distance instead of Regular or Legon campus. It’s the same certificate

  26. I had B3 in social, c5 in English and maths,A1 in Bm,b2 in cost accounting and fin.accounting, c6 in econs.pls will I get de chance to study any business course. Thank u.

    • Hello..I need help applying and I’m currently far from can I please get your number so you’d help me ???… please reply ASAP.

  27. Comment Text*pls I had c5 in English and math,b3 in social, E8 in science, A1 in Bm,B3 in costing and accounting, c4 in econs.pls will I be admitted to offer Business Administration

  28. Comment Text*please i had B2 in BM, science c6, maths E8, Econs c5, Accounting F9, English c5, social B3… Can i apply for distance in business administration? Thank you.

  29. Please I am Patrick Agyeman-Mensah and I humbly want to know if I can do regular distance in human resource management. Thank you

  30. Please can I do Bachelor of science in mathematics with the grades B3 in Business management, C5 in F. Accounting, C5 in Economics, C5 in English, C5 in Social and C6 in Mathematics

  31. Please I am two certificates holder yet I’m a Ghanaian I had baccalaureates in Togo and wassce with 4Asiand 3 Be but 7 in English and I desire to apply to UG to pursue Public health which certificate can I take to apply for or can I submit the two certificates? I need help

  32. Please I have two certificates baccalaureate in Togo and wassce with 4As ,3 Bs and D7 in English but i am a Ghanaian and desiring to persue a degree in public health which one will be the most accepted one or can I submit the two certificates? I need help

  33. Please iam too certificate holder yet I’m a Ghanaian I had baccalaureates in Togo and wassce with 4Asiand 3 Be but 7 in English and I desire to apply to UG to pursue Public health which certificate can I take to apply for or can I submit the two certificates? I need help

  34. plz I had B3 in maths and science, English c5,agric c4, animal husbandry c4 and chemistry c5. will I get the chance to offer agric extension and economics

  35. Please with a grade of 16 can I gain admission… And please I need notifications for 2018 admission… If the form are released

  36. Pls I had core math c4, english c6, social b3, science c6, econs b2, BM b3, coasting a1, accounting c6…pls will I get d chance to read any business course in ur institution….

  37. Comment Text*Please can one gain admission into ” geography and resource development ” department with core maths B3, Science B3, Social A1, English B3, Economics B3, Geography C4, Government B3 and elective math D7 as BA student OR BA in Economics

  38. AM Abigail Sam, I had B3 in Social studies, E8 in mathematics,C4 Integrated science,C5 in English Language,B2 in Financial Accounting,B2 in cost Accounting,A1 in Business management and B3 in Economics please can I get business program to read in your noble institution

  39. I have an sssce results and a wasce remedial results. I am above 25years and would like to know if I can get admission for a distance program. If yes how do I go about it. Do I buy and fill a regular entry form. And please what is the difference between the matured entry and the distance
    Thank you

  40. Comment Text
    Yes i would like to be informed as soon as the forms are out so i can make preparations and also the price of the forms. I dnt want to be delayed n face unnecessary pressure please. Thank you

  41. Pls I had maths_c4 , Eng_b3, Sci_d7, Soc_A1 , Lit In Eng_c4 ,Gover_A1 , Econs_b3 and History_c4. And want to read publishing studies , will I get admissions?

  42. I am a former student of University for Development Studies. I studied B.ed Social Science and want to apply for a Master’s degree program at the University of Ghana. As a result, I want a notification from UG when the Master’s forms are released to enable me apply. Thank you.

  43. I had maths D7
    Science D7
    Social studies C4
    English C5
    Geography C4
    Literature in English C4
    Government B3
    Please can i gain admission as a fee paying student to offer geography?

  44. Hello please I’m Gloria. I would like to know when the forms for the 2018/2019 undergraduate forms will be out and where to get them please. thank you.

  45. Please would like to know at which level will UG admit a student with an HND (Accounting) to divert to Human Resource Management.

  46. Comment Text*want to when the forms for 2018/2019 will be release university of Ghana for regular undergraduate students

  47. I had C6 and D7 in biology and social studies respectively and 6 B3’s in the other subjects please can I apply for degree progamme next year

  48. Lol. I have gone through all the fifty something messages that have been posted on this page so far and all I am seeing are. When will the 2018-2019 forms be out? Please notify me when it is out and all that… The question is, was the article read at all? It will eventually be released so guys be patient and pray into it as well. Thank you.

  49. Lol. I have gone through all the fifty something messages that have been posted on this page so far and all I am seeing are. When will the 2018-2019 forms be out? Please notify me when it is out and all that… The question is, was the article read at all?

  50. Pls am Rahamata a senior staff midwife,l went to know if l can use my certificate to apply for degree midwifery at University of Ghana Lego

  51. Please I want to do a distance top up program in business administration with my HND certificate in accounting. I would be grateful if you could update me with the requirements, probably the fees involved as well. Thank you.

    • My name is Mohammed Tijani. A student from Islamic University College Ghana. I was in the process of filling for my application for the post-graduate admission for the 2018/2019 when i was stricken by the deadline.And this is due to the delay of collection of the transcript for reasons beyond control. Now that the transcript is in my possession, how may i continue from where i left off. Thank you.

    • Please am Abigail Sam,i had B3 in social studies,E8 in core math,C4 in science,C5 in English language,B2 in Financial Accounting ,B2 in cost Accounting,A1 in Business management and B3 in Economics please can I get the chance to read any business course in your noble institution plss


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