Check University of Ghana Admission List – 2017/2018 [1st Batch]

UG Legon Undergraduate Admission List | University of Ghana, UG Legon admission list for the 2017/2018 academic session.

University of Ghana, UG LEGON Admission List

University of Ghana, UG LEGON Admission List Admission list is simply the names of successfully admitted applicants offered provisional admission into an institution. Admission lists are usually released by institutions after the conduct of admission screening exercise.

The management of the University of Ghana, UG Legon has released the names of successful applicants offered provisional admission for the 2017/2018 academic session.

Finally, the University of Ghana (UG Legon) has released it first batch admission lists. You can follow the below procedures to access your admission status.


University of Ghana, UG Legon admission list is successfully uploaded online, to check your admission status follow the below lead from:-

  1. Go to UG Legon undergraduate admission status checking portal at or click here for UG International Undergraduate admission lists,
  2. Enter Your Serial Number or Surname in the search box above to check your admission status,
  3. Finally, click the “Check Admission Status” button to access your UG admission status.
  4. See How to Obtain your UG Provisional Admission Letter.

What to Do After Checking your Admission Status:-

Have you been Admitted? Congrats! Don’t Lose your Admission. Click Here Now for the Lists of Fundamental Actions to be Taken by Freshmen After Checking Admission Lists.

Note: This is the First Batch Admission List, Other Batches will be released soon. Freshers are expected to report on Monday, August 21. See More Details Here.

See 5 Reasons You Lose Legon Admission This year.

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Congratulations if your name is among the successful candidates in the admission list of UG Legon.

Check this site frequently for University of Ghana Legon Updates.

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  1. Tawfic says:

    Those of us that applied as distance students, can we create a whatsapp group as wait for our lists to be released. Admission lists for distance students will be released from 25th August onwards. So please if you are interested in joining the whatsapp group as an applicant for a distance student, kindly send me a HI.( Tawfic no#0265706627).

  2. Eben says:

    Plz add me 0272395642

  3. Bright Nartey Ishvi says:

    Those who still have not been called should please should not be disturbed.
    You will be called again should in case some of the first batch students did not respond to their calling due to options they have to make between schools that call them.
    Patient and Prayer will help you all.

  4. Cecilia Arthur says:

    Please when will the distance admission list come out? Please get me posted thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    please when is the final list coming out. 0546478691 pls add me

  6. Gbande says:

    they said the list will be out so where is de list
    add me 0241829674

  7. Gloria says:

    Please, when will the second batch be released? Kindly add me up on 0264095296

  8. Anonymous says:

    pls add me oo I beg 0553078830

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please add up

  10. Jayy says:

    Is there gonna be another list??

  11. Jayy says:

    Is there gonna be another list?

  12. Amos Ghunney says:

    Please when is the second batch be released please add me on 0578222001

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please add me 0578222001

  14. Yajo add me 0547191200 says:


  15. meshach says:

    Pls add me

  16. Sarkodie says:

    please when is the second admission going to be released?
    add me please 0548835328

  17. Jeneille says:

    pls add me…

  18. christy says:

    Pls add me . 0556176045

  19. Benjamin says:

    Please add me 0203799123

  20. bright krypton says:

    please is that list includes distance admission too.
    please add me to the group 0548138030.

  21. Jay says:

    Hi I cannot access the page. How do I view the list please.

  22. Richard says:

    Please do add me 0553097033

  23. Samuel Owusu Annor says:

    Please add me

  24. Hanson says:

    pls add me to the group 0547087313

  25. Clinton says:

    Pls I want to be part of the distance students, add me 0541997687, thus I want to be admitted as a distance student

  26. Anonymous says:

    may you please add me 0545035582

  27. Tawfik says:

    Those of us who applied as weekend students, I entreat you to be patient as our lists will be released from 25th August onwards and we will commence lectures in September. I had this information from one of the representatives of the learning centers by name Mr. Asare. My name is Tawfik and can be reached via whatsapp on 0265706627.

  28. Desmond says:

    pls add me up

  29. Adwoa says:

    Pls add me

  30. meshach says:

    Pls when will the second batch admission list come out

  31. omari says:

    when will the last batch be in,Am getting too tensed up.

  32. lilly says:

    Has anyone been able to download d admission letter pls

  33. Grace says:

    0508249847 kindly add me

  34. johnson says:

    I beg add me 0547491330

  35. Yen says:

    pls add me 0247068251

  36. Wedam says:

    Pls have u been called for de entrance exams n interview ………cos I have not heard anything yet. Pls add me wai …I want updates 0242609717

  37. Roy says:

    0242078466 add me up plz

  38. ASARE says:

    pls kindly lets us no when the other list will be coming out,am really worried about that and the system is slow too much guys.thank you,pls add me to the group 0540960404

  39. Clinton says:

    Pls what date will the second batch list of the admission be released

  40. Ella says:

    pls hurry up with the rest of the list!!!!!!

  41. modulos says:

    add me up 0248983894

  42. Bawa Jonathan says:

    plz add me : 0547460471

  43. Nicholas Asiedu says:

    Pls when is the next batch coming out

    • Fritz Moses says:

      Nicholas, don’t worry too much. I believe it’ll come before the week ends looking at the limited time for registration and all that. Just keep calm.

  44. Ben says:

    add up please.

  45. Wisdom says:

    Pls I’ve tried so many times but no valid information was given

  46. olivia says:

    add me too 0554603820

  47. pious says:

    Pls add me 0548358887

  48. kumi says:

    the link is slow

    • AWUMEY ABEL says:

      thank you sir but what i just want to understand simply is that you mean no other batch of students will be released again right ?

  49. AWUMEY ABEL says:

    Hello please on which date will the other batches be released?because its putting some of us in suspense and we ought to know our left and right for an immediate and prompt preparation thank you very much.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Please when will the other batches be released…..

  51. richy says:

    pls add me

  52. Eunice says:

    pls add me 0561824374

  53. Teyi Beauty says:

    pls I would like to ask if the admission list admits distance students. pls add me 0504543723

  54. Teyi Beauty says:

    pls I would like to ask if the admission list includes distance students. pls add me 0504543723

  55. David says:

    the link is nt gud at all can someone gv me a different link?

  56. David says:

    add me 0554967369

  57. David says:

    pls add me 0576037877

  58. Anonymous says:

    pls add me 0576037877

  59. Annonymous says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    0272285827 add me

  61. Emmanuel says:

    pls add me wai 0554790412

  62. Amanda says:

    also i applied and the results are in please do check and inform me

  63. Amanda says:

    please is this the final release of the result because i’ve gone through the list but haven’t seen my serial number or even name

  64. Nana kwame Nhyiraba says:

    0243860990 pls add me

  65. Nana kwame Nhyiraba says:

    0243860990…..pls add me

  66. Sandra says:

    Plz add me 0542000314

  67. Diana says:

    0203408950 please add this number

  68. Reine says:

    add me 0540639710

  69. Tawfik says:

    I would like to ask if the lists includes distance students. My number can be added to the group as well. 0265706627

  70. Dora says:

    Pls add mhi 0246291451

  71. Wisdom says:

    pls add mi to waxup group

  72. naa says:

    what about postgraduate list

  73. owusu vida says:

    My number is 0556311319 add me to the group pls.i have checked but it seems my name is not part of the first batch. Thank you.

  74. roger manford says:

    I want to know if the names of list of undergraduate admissions has been released

  75. Anonymous says:

    Anyone has a link to the list…0245056811

  76. Kwame says:

    Have checked several times still can’t find my name… Is that the final list??

  77. Kwame says:

    Will there be a second admission list

  78. Abigail says:

    But why isn’t the list coming I have tried since 9pm till now

  79. Huker says:

    0555019667 add me thank you.

  80. Lawrencia says:

    0555019667 add me thank you

  81. Bright Nartey says:

    You can when you follow the admission list link and enter your surname or the serial number

  82. Anonymous says:

    You can when you follow the admission list link and enter your surname or the serial number

  83. Anonymous says:

    plz add me to the whatapp group 0546478691 the site isn’t loading for me

  84. mhaamhe eihsy says:

    Eiii UG so u want me to go to ucc before urs come erh……….hmmmm God be our helper

  85. Stephen says:

    The official website is running too slow dnt know whether it everywhere

  86. Anonymous says:

    What about those of us who applied and our results were witheld and released later??? What about us??? Some of us passed and still u are not showing any sign that we will be called….what is DAT??? U better check our results cos they have been released…….. We don’t money to be wasting on forms for you to be delaying our chances…2017 withheld results are all in and we are waiting for our messages….UG

  87. Anonymous says:

    Is it me or the site is taking way to long to load. I’m freaking out. I might as well vanish into thin air

  88. mike says:

    pls add me to the whatsap group 0544248555

  89. Anonymous says:

    pls add me 0244024415 thanks

  90. Mercy says:

    pls add mi 0541581419

  91. Anonymous says:

    pls add mi 0541581419

  92. Twum Seth says:

    please add me 0265350135

  93. Kate says:

    Pls add me 0245072805

  94. Phill says:

    0245004198 Add me

  95. Dogbe precious says:

    Pls add me 0206272033

  96. Bamasco says:

    plz add me 0546794206

  97. Bamasco says:

    Plz add mi 0546794206

  98. Hededzi Gideon says:

    please when is the admission starting ,right now am too anxious …Bachelor of science in nursing ,any update .add me up +2330545763059…….l pray God intervene on our behalf ,because without him we are nothing …my prayer to the lord……and what about those that agree on payment mode… up

  99. Anonymous says:

    Pls add me 0275977914

  100. Piiiiiiiira says:

    Please all the undergraduates, lets be cool with the admission office… Abi you know dada ghanaians and their timing** they are delaying us tho.. but lets not rush rather lets pray and with God by our side, I and you(reader) shall meet at UG..

  101. Anonymous says:

    Pls add mi 0249117788

  102. Allswell says:

    Pls add me to the group 0540737824

  103. Anonymous says:

    Add this number nw..

  104. Anonymous says:

    please who else have received notification about selection interview on Tuesday 15th August for BFA? I’ve received mine

  105. veronica says:

    pls add me up on the wasup line plsss ,
    0557170683 i cnt sleep koraa

  106. Manuel says:

    0201952730 add me wai…

  107. Anonymous says:

    pls add me 0245309516

  108. Kimball says:

    Lucky me. BFA applicants had received notification about selection interview on Tuesday,15th August.

  109. Rapcha says:

    0244112685 sharp

  110. Jackson says:

    Add me to the group formed……my number is 0245825438

  111. SADIQ says:


  112. atukuba says:

    add me 0544681018

  113. Jeffrey Owusu Ansah says:

    Please when will the admission list come… Please add me 0541664551

  114. Anonymous says:

    pls add me 0246877467

  115. Arhin Prince says:

    Please I applied for information technology and I have not received any message please this is my number :0262426722

  116. jeff says:

    add me 0543955975

  117. Anita says:

    pls add me 0266232643

  118. Anonymous says:

    Please add me to the group too

  119. Anonymous says:

    Pls add me to the group 0541439772

  120. Anonymous says:

    Add me to the group 0561498821

  121. Anonymous says:

    0541774703 pls add me to the group

  122. Harriet says:

    PLS ADD ME 0271602994

  123. Paul caroon says:

    Plus L have applied but L haven’t received any SMS message S

  124. Anonymous says:

    0540418036 pls also add me to the grp

  125. Anonymous says:

    add me pls 0553078830

  126. Paul caroon says:

    Have serching for my list in the admission l can find it plu have ug released all list

  127. Anonymous says:

    Add me up 8072384651

  128. sekum Jennifer says:

    pls add me up 08072384651

  129. collins q says:

    hook me up

  130. Gideon says:

    Add me please 0263480032

  131. Anonymous says:

    0508936803 please add me

  132. king says:

    Add me pls 0268194328

  133. Anonymous says:

    0241340911 pls add me

  134. Anonymous says:

    027 532 6913

  135. Harry says:

    Please add me 0544822766

  136. plz add me.0554522967 says:

    plz add me 0554522967

  137. Douglas says:

    0571221025 add me

  138. Douglas says:

    pls add me 0571221025

  139. aisha says:

    add me up 0262526367

  140. Anonymous says:

    add me up 0262526367

  141. Anonymous says:

    0505685533.pls add me too

  142. Ike says:

    Pls add me wai 0240835428

  143. Richmond Yeboah says:

    please when will the undergraduate list come out…add me to the group 0276157004

  144. ras menelik says:

    0266414106 add up

  145. Diana says:

    0265081116 please add this number

  146. Anonymous says:

    056 060 9719

  147. psalmy says:

    pls add me to the group

  148. Derrick says:

    Pls i have lost my sim card that i used during my online application,y will i knw dat i have been admitted…pls ooo

  149. Desmond says:

    please add me to the group

  150. gideon says:


  151. Fordjourba Stanley says:

    Add me 0240748555

  152. Anonymous says:

    This is kelvin…..
    Pls add me to the group wai

  153. P.k says:

    Pls add me….0249977082

  154. gyamfi says:

    add me 0555229714

  155. Anonymous says:

    add me pls 0558792992

  156. Anonymous says:

    pls add mi too waii 0246110718

  157. dorinda says:

    add me to wai…0578700037

  158. Anonymous says:

    Add me wai 0247988087

  159. ska says:

    is admission released

  160. Solace says:


  161. Anonymous says:


  162. henry says:

    0247138151 pls add me

  163. Bright says:

    Please this my number 0561359452.
    Add me asap please.

  164. Bernard Kwakye says:

    Pls when will de admission lists of this year be released

  165. Anonymous says:

    I applied for health sciences programs bit have not receive any sms that there will entrance exams on the 11th. please how can I be sure of my admission

  166. Tarrog Elizabeth says:

    0245517951 pls add me

  167. Priscilla says:

    I cant even sleep ,pls add me wae


  168. mabel says:

    Add me as well pls..0273000151

  169. Mac racious says:


  170. Sean Paul Gh says:


  171. Anonymous says:

    Gala me on 0273247169 for updates please

  172. Anonymous says:

    Oh lord I beg I got UCC and UEW but u know my choice is UG ,knows u not disappoint me.we all be admitted successfullyBuddies keep calm and stay connected to the almighty God#firstchoicetousall#

  173. Prince says:


  174. Lord says:


    add me

  175. Anonymous says:


  176. Emmanuel says:


  177. richard says:

    Oh ug u give pressure ooo can make people heartless papa

  178. prudy says:

    hmmm asem oo

  179. Jack says:

    Hello guys let’s form a platform where we can get ourselves informed and interacted to keep us updated from all sources. Drop your number or WhatsApp me on 0546185195 to be added.. Thank you!
    Join let’s get interactive

  180. Jack says:

    Hello guys let’s form a platform where we can get ourselves informed and interacted to keep us updated from all sources. Drop your number or WhatsApp me on 0546185195 to be added.. Thank you!

  181. kelv says:

    I heard dis rumour dat TECH …..always comes before leg……….. Is dat true….???

  182. Zach says:

    Hmmmm… I can’t think far

  183. imma says:

    Pressure voodoo…hmmm.only God cn help us oo

  184. freddy drumz says:

    pls has any of us received any form of notification from ug. i cant sleep sef

  185. Deborah ofori says:

    Guys,please let’s calm down and keep praying that our name will be part of the list kk.let just take advantage of the delay and pray

  186. jemaima says:

    That’s why they are UCC but not UG

  187. douglas says:

    Yep bro, God time is the best.
    No need to rush.

  188. Anonymous says:

    Please when will UG’s admission list be released

  189. Marhme says:


  190. Anonymous says:

    Why are they keeping us waiting like that………. please ug release the list so that everybody can know his or her stand……Our friends are preparing vigorously to go to school what about we who applied for ug

  191. Diana says:

    I heard the admission will released on 9th August.. Is that true???

  192. godfred says:

    ug wah ar dey doing wit our lyf…….

  193. Aba says:

    You guys should at least re open the online admission again so we can make adjustments

  194. Aba says:

    You guys should at least re open the online admission again so we can make corrections just like what the other Universities do..

  195. Agyapong Emmanuel Bonsu says:

    UG please we are still waiting oooo

  196. AJ says:

    Let’s form a group so we get ourselves informed quickly

  197. Anonymous says:

    In God we trust.

  198. mintox says:

    A premier university paaa…
    oh naaa……
    pls jxt alert the rightful day the list will b out.

  199. Livingstone says:

    UG you pple should release the list fast ooo,i can’t even sleep

  200. Livingstone says:

    UG you pple should release the list fast ooo,i can’t even sleep

  201. Anonymous says:

    so r u guys aware of the entrance exams?

  202. Lincoln says:

    Please let all be patient and wait upon the Lord because the Bible says in everything we should give Thanks to him. Maybe it may be for your own good that is why there have been a delay. So lets continue praying for the grace of God

  203. Zach says:

    Hmmmm…. UG is seriously giving me sleepless nights.. Hmmm… Abeg just release the list so that we can have our peace of mind.. Hmmm

  204. Sarfowaah Benedicta says:

    How can they fix a date fresher’s must report but refuse to release the list on time…..what’s all these koraaaaa…hmmmm
    Am always online checking for the admission list…… Frankly speaking, you are giving us pressure paaaa serious.

  205. Anonymous says:


  206. Jack says:

    UCC frehers will be going to school on the 18th of August, meanwhile UG hasn’t released the list yet n they expecting us to report on the 21st. Haaahhhhh mada koraaa

  207. Sobre Simon says:

    Please,Ug don’t leave mhe in fear cos hardly would i attend uew, ug papapaa

  208. Sobre Simon says:

    Ug, i have refuse to pay uew adm so come lyk kakai wai.

  209. Josh says:

    Patience is diamond

  210. jemaima says:

    Don’t worry guys…you all will gain admission in Jesus name

  211. Anonymous says:

    Oooooooo….aget catarrh mpo:>:>

  212. Priscilla says:

    UG am waiting for u ,u won give me pressure but u lie u go release it.I just cant think far

  213. Kwame says:

    The long and awaited list will be released soon.


  214. jeffery aryee says:

    still waiting for the admission list oo. please be fast abt it….

  215. hassan says:

    Is de admission list out

  216. hassan says:

    Is de admission list out

  217. Maame says:

    Please the list is not yet out oo

  218. Arthur says:

    hahaha..eii ug dey throw pressure give we paaa oo Herr Walaiii

  219. maestro says:

    what’s all these? The list must come in oooo. may3 hye rof.

  220. adwoa says:

    lol.UG can give pressure
    I don’t know what’s going on but I hope they don’t kill people by not realising the list as promised.
    And guys stay cool okay,it shall be well

  221. U can also test to me through WhatsApp on dis number 0553941656 or via message through same number

  222. Hmmmm guys ,is not easy ooo ,I’ve tried n tried n tried for several times still naaa, no admission list was been displayed ,u guys have to alert me on dis number 0553941656 through WhatsApp when the list are finally released

  223. Ellen says:

    Please be patient waiiii it will surely come..With faith you will get to where you don’t even think of going… Please it will come Ohk……. Even though it has kept long but it will surely come. Let wait for next week…..

  224. PETER says:

    What is all this?
    Freshers dey start 21 August and still nothing yet. The earlier the better cos some of us have to start hustling for fees.

  225. barbie says:

    We are still waiting patiently…

  226. Sikapa says:

    Anonymous charley dix b my num 0543571482 jxt giv mhe a flash so say we go tlk coz am tired o waiting ade3!!

  227. Anonymous says:

    I’m even tired, one list all the other schools are in except UG

  228. Kwame says:

    NOTICE: *The deadline for application for the regular undergraduate applicants is 15th August 2017.*




  229. Sikapa says:

    When is the admission list for 2017/2018 going to be released

  230. Linda says:

    We are tired of waiting.

  231. Anonymous says:

    Please I can’t sleep, u guys should release the names.

  232. Jack says:

    As3m asi. UG admissions list

  233. Anonymous says:

    pls ….it is well… stay kul

  234. boakye says:

    please the list wasn’t released as you promise so when will you be releasing it?

  235. Anonymous says:

    please the list wasn’t released as you promise so when will it be releasing?

  236. Kwame says:

    Let’s be patient, they will release it before 15th of August.

  237. owouko says: so happy i have been admitted thanks a lot
    university of Ghana

  238. Ato Quahmi Na Rheala says:

    Aah so UG too wosop. Masa if u noe sae u no go av we admission aa talk we make we go diff xkul oo. Wey kinda lyf dat?
    U no noe sae man no dey bed. Always thinking saaa yy.

    • Anonymous says:

      U nor dey bed secof admission, when u get here then u go see say u go bed aa. U go moe saa. u saf u go tire…

  239. Carl Ato Baidoo says:

    Please is the list released for only international undergraduates only?
    If yes then what about the Ghanaian undergraduates one?

  240. Adarkwah Evans says:

    Still waiting for the list … It seems the release date wasn’t from a good source

  241. na wash says:

    niggas make wild for admission ooo u guys 4 chill wai it will come let them finish with the protocol ones ours will follow haha

  242. Anonymous says:

    Please my fellow friends, don’t let your heart beat so much because it is well, hopefully Monday am sure it will be out

  243. okyere douglas says:

    Please if somebody knows anyone from UG’s data base kindly ask and post the date of the release of the 2017/2018 admission list cause it has kept everyone waiting; our heart really on fire.
    let us hear from you if you follow up..

  244. okyere douglas says:

    Please if somebody knows anyone from UG’s data base kindly ask and post the date for the release of the 2017/2018 admission list cause it has really kept our heart on fire. let us hear from you please.

  245. okyere douglas says:

    Please if somebody knows anyone from UG’s data base kindly ask and post the date for the 2017/2018 admission list release cause it has really kept our heart on fire. let us hear from you please.

  246. Anonymous says:

    Today is 5th, yet still the admission list hasnt been released. Please can i know why.

  247. Yaa Acheampomaa says:

    Will we receive it via message

  248. Godsway says:

    Comment Text*Ghanaians with their time dieerr
    they said friday still nothing is happening

  249. Anonymous says:


  250. Anonymous says:

    Pls why is the admission list being delayed

  251. Anonymous says:

    still waiting pls let as no when

  252. Arthur says:

    still the 2017/2018 checking​ portal is not available it’s only 2016/2017

  253. Arthur says:

    please when is the list coming. we are eagerly waiting

  254. Immanuel Praiz says:

    today is saturday…we still got hope…..keel us updated officials if UG…thank you

  255. Willoughby Quartey says:

    From look of things they have only released that of international students and why is that?

  256. Anonymous says:

    Comment Text* we are still waiting the release but still haven’t seen anything yet

  257. Anonymous says:

    Sme problem here,at least you people should give us sum message.

  258. Anonymous says:

    Please when will the list be released and to be precisely the undergraduate ones

  259. Anonymous says:

    Please I learnt the admission list will be out today and I’ve tried several times and still not recieved any information

  260. Herbert E Kwabah says:

    And pls the interview..what is about and exams too any guidelines about it

  261. Dennis Bless says:

    Still no update about the admission list yet; why and what the problem please.

  262. Anonymous says:

    it might be out by the 21st

  263. David says:

    we are still waiting

  264. David says:

    will ll de admission list going to release

  265. Salamatu yussif says:

    And please are we expecting it via message or unless we go and check it ourselves

  266. Sylvester Benson says:

    Hello Appiah ,
    The admission is by batch. Not all people will be placed by first batch.Considerably in the sciences, after the health science students attend interview and write entrance exams and the selected ones are placed,the unselected ones with very good grades will be placed first in the basic and applied sciences before the rest.I recommend patience and good faith because,people are likely to be placed just two or one week to matriculation.Best wishes

  267. Salamatu yussif says:

    I thought you guys said it Wil be released today .

  268. Isaac Yeboah says:

    Please we are still waiting for the list

  269. Anonymous says:

    Comment Text*
    Please I want to know that if we get admitted will we receive a text message from the school or unless we check it ourselves

  270. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know when the admission list will be out…I heard it was today but I have heard nothing about it…pls inform us soon thank you

  271. Deborah ofori says:

    Ah shock,I thought they said today.

  272. ,emmanuella agyiriba cofie says:

    please when wil university of ghana 2017/2018admission b out

  273. Comment Text*they said the university of ghana admission list will out today but I have check several times but I’m getting no information.

  274. Anonymous says:

    haven’t heard anything yet from UG. reading also that it will be released in early days of September.

  275. Patrick Adu says:

    When will the 2017/2018 admission be out?

  276. Mensah Bismark says:

    Comment Text*when will 2017-18 admission be out?

  277. arthur cobby says:

    I would like to put a comment about we applying for admission.still we holders of waec 2015 who apply for this year haven’t heard anything yet.thank you

  278. sandeep says:

    Sandeep fothar nema bisambhar d.bilasrur pot beltara

  279. pls check on Kumasi poly for us

  280. appiah says:

    Pls I wud lyk to no if UGs admission list is complete cos some of us applied still haven’t heard anyfyn

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