Best CompTIA Certification Practice Tests to Become Qualified Network Specialist


Best CompTIA Certification Practice Tests to Become Qualified Network Specialist


CompTIA is a leading vendor of the IT certifications. It’s highly valued for the vendor-neutral certification program that allows the successful candidates to be employed all over the world. The certifications offered by CompTIA refer to various areas: Core, Infrastructure, CyberSecurity and Additional Professional certifications. Core certifications are the most popular entry-level certifications gained by candidates and includeIT Fundamentals, A+, Network+ and Security+.

IT Fundamentals Certification

This is the best certification for candidates to taste the work in IT, either it suits them or not. IT Fundamentals credential confirms that candidates have broadknowledge and profound understanding of the fundamental IT concepts and terminology. To get it, they need to take either FC0-U61 or FC0-U51 exam. The first exam variant is new, while the second one is more popular.

FC0-U51 exam

FC0-U51checks candidates’ knowledge of computer components, skills to install the software, establish network connectivity and initial abilities to prevent security risks.

Find more information about CompTIA FC0-U51 exam at CompTIA website.

IT Fundamentals certification is a pre-career certification and a first step on the way to A+ certification, though the optional one.

A+ Certification

It’s an entry-level certification for IT technicians. If you’d like to work at help desk as Help Desk Tier 2 Support, or get a position of Support Specialist, Field Service Technician and get the annual salary from $46,000 till $60, 000 that’s what you need. Still, entry-level doesn’t mean that it’s easy. The skills that you need to possess include PC and laptop hardware, software installation and troubleshooting, networking, mobile devices, windows operating system, security and many others.

Get more details about CompTIA A+ certification at CompTIA website.

To get CompTIA A+ certification candidates need to pass 200-901 and 200-902 exams.

200-901 Exam

220-901 examchecks candidates’ knowledge of PC hardware and its peripherals, mobile device hardware. They should be able to solve network connectivity issues and troubleshoot hardware.

Follow the link to learn more about CompTIA 220-901 exam.

200-902 exam

220-902 exam includes questions about installing and managing operating systems, such as Widows, Linux, Android, iOS, Apple OS X. Candidates should be able to solve security and operational issues, and to possess cloud computing fundamental knowledge.

Check the following link to know more about CompTIA 220-902 exam.


The following core certification by CompTIA is CompTIA Security+. It is focused on the practical skills of security professionals and thus, prepares them to solve various security issues. This credential prepares candidates for positions of network administrators, security administrators, security engineers.

Find more about CompTIA Security+ certification at CompTIA website.

To get Security+ credential candidates need to pass SY0-501 certification exam.


SY0-501 Exam

This exam checks the knowledge and skills of candidates in securing devices, applications, networks; using mitigation techniques to make threat analysis, to be able to provide risk mitigation activities. The candidates should be aware of policies, laws and regulations in the sphere of security.

Follow the link to get more information about CompTIA SY0-501 exam.

And the last core certification that is discussed in this article is CompTIA Network+ credential.

Network+ Certification

If your dream is to be a network technician, system engineer or network analyst and you have 9 months of network experience, Network+ certification is right for you. To get this credential, the candidates should be skillful in networking technologies, installation, configuration, media and security.

Read more information about CompTIA Network+ certification at CompTIA website.

CompTIA Network+ is a popular IT certification that consists of a single N10-007 exam. The test covers critical security concepts, hardware visualization methods, cloud computing, and network resiliency. The contents of this exam do not differ by much from N10-006 (the previous version of CompTIA Network+ certification exam), however, the test includes several new topics and concepts.

N10-007 Exam

The candidates will be given exactly 90 minutes to answer 90 questions. The passing score for this exam is 720 on a scale of 100 to 900. The types of questions include multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and performance-based questions. Note that these questions require quick, effective thinking and may even involve calculations. The recommended prerequisites involve CompTIA A+ certification and/or 9 months of networking experience. This test costs $302.

CompTIA N10-007 covers a wide range of different topics. Following are a few domains you need to study thoroughly if you want to pass CompTIA N10-007 exam successfully.

Follow the link to know more about CompTIA N10-007 exam.

Network Security

In an era of the cryptocurrency and rapidly growing online business, information security has become one of the basic and most important problems plaguing a lot of IT specialists. This is the reason why the IT field suddenly replenished with a number of information security specializations. N10-007 exam covers critical network security concepts necessary to protect the valuable data. To succeed in this test, the candidate must learn to configure security settings and identify the attacks on the system. The exam touches basic security measures required to secure wireless and wired networks.

Cloud Computing

Today, internal applications are not quite as common as cloud computing. One of the basic reasons for this is that the computers often run out of storage space for applications, programs, and other data files. Cloud is the ultimate solution to this problem. More and more businesses are shifting towards Cloud Computing. Many of the questions from CompTIA N10-007 are based on the scenarios, and that’s why it is important for the candidate to learn Cloud Computing and understand Cloud Infrastructure. The individual needs to know how to manage Cloud hardware and configure security platforms.


Virtualization works in parallel to Cloud Computing. The exam includes a few questions about the virtualization and configuration of the virtual machines. To qualify for this test, you need to possess basic knowledge about how to manage multiple operating systems. Whether working in an internal application or dealing with a Cloud-hosted account, the candidate should know how to work with various servers and services. This section includes the study of the newest virtualization techniques.

Problem Areas for the Candidates

The trouble for most of the candidates for CompTIA N10-007 exam lies in critical thinking and combining it with their previously acquired knowledge. As discussed earlier, a lot of the questions that appear in the test are scenario-based, and these questions require not only a comprehensive knowledge of the subject but also quick thinking.

For example, there’s a troubleshooting scenario when the clients areunable to reach the network resource. The candidate has to quickly figure out where the problem lies and then provide an adequate solution.

The candidate can also face a simulation which is intended to test his/her ability to think quickly and put the theoretical knowledge to use. One question like this can contain many different concepts and fields like networking, host configurations, and troubleshooting techniques.

Another point that has been proven difficult for the candidates is combined questions. The exam does not focus on a single concept or area in a single question, instead, it requires the candidate to apply knowledge from different fields of technology. A lot of N10-007 questions are known for integrating and combining multiple technologies into one question.

Tips for Passing the Exam

As mentioned earlier, CompTIA N10-007 exam covers a large range of networking topics, so the candidate should consider some CompTIA approved book to prepare for N10-007. You can even opt for instructor-led training and take a few classes: here you will be able to interact with your instructor, ask your queries, and get a hands-on experience with the equipment. Another great option is to use practice tests that are available on many different sites on the Internet. You can download them on your computer or attempt them online to improve your skills and prepare for the exam. The test contains a lot of the material that needs memorization, so you will need to recall all the memorization techniques that work for you and get on with the preparation. A lot of former candidates of N10-007 exam have stressed that this test is a lot tougher than N10-006 and jumps to an extremely high difficulty level as compared to its predecessor.

Study Material for the Exam

  • There is the Official CompTIA Study Guide for Network+ that can help the candidate with preparation for N10-007 exam. The guide is available for purchase at the official CompTIA website.
  • Another study guide is available on Amazon. The guide is written by Todd Lammle and it is called CompTIA Network+ Study Guide: Exam N10-007 (CompTIA Network + Study Guide Authorized Courseware).
  • Anthony Sequeira’s comprehensive exam guide called CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Cert Guide is available on Pearson IT Certification platform.
  • Glen E. Clarke’s CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide, Seventh Edition (Exam N10-007) is a comprehensive book that contains more than 500 practice questions, pre-assessment test, lab exercises, and more.



With all the information mentioned above, there is no doubt that you will be able not only to pass Network+ exam covered in this article in a more detailed way, but any other certification exam chosen within CompTIA Certification Path. Note that you also need to create a good study plan and follow it. Thus, you will be able to cover all the required topics and revise them before the exam. We wish you good luck!

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