KNUST Cut-off Points – 2019/2020

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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST Cut-off Points for Admission Process 2019/2020 Academic Year.


KNUST Cut-off points

Below is the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (KNUST) Undergraduate Cut-Off Aggregates for 2019/2020 Admissions Process.
(The Knust cut-off points is meant to serve only as a guide to admission applicants).

Table of Contents



 1 LL.B 09
 2 BA Sociology 15
 3 BA Social Work 16
 4 BA History 19
 5 BA Political Studies 16
 6 BA Geography & Rural Development 16
 7 BA English 18
 8 BA Religious Studies 20
 9 BA French 16
 10 BA Akan 23
 11 BA Economics 17
 12 BA Culture and Tourism 17
 13 BA Communication Design (Graphic Design) 19
 14 BA Industrial Art 20
 15 BA Integrated Rural Art & Industry 21
 16 BA Publishing Studies 14
 17 BFA Painting and Sculpture 22
 18 BSc (Business Administration) 10
 19 BSc Land Economy 13
 20 BSc Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics 18
 21 BSc Construction Technology & Management 18
 22 BSc Architecture 13
 23 BSc Human Settlement Planning 19
 24 BSc Development Planning 15
 25 BSc Real Estate Management 18
 26 BSc Aerospace Engineering 10
 27 BSc Biomedical Engineering 08
 28 BSc Chemical Engineering 14
 29 BSc Mechanical Engineering 14
 30 BSc Civil Engineering 14
 31 BSc Computer Engineering 11
 32 BSc Geological Engineering 18
 33 BSc Electrical/Electronic Engineering 09
 34 BSc Materials Engineering 17
 35 BSc Petroleum Engineering 09
 36 BSc Petrochemical Engineering 11
 37 BSc Telecommunication Engineering 14
 38 BSc Agricultural Engineering 23
 39 BSc Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering 18
 40 Bsc Metallurgical Engineering 19
 41 BSc Mathematics 23
 42 BSc Statistics 15
 43 BSc Biochemistry 11
 44 BSc Environmental Science 18
 45 BSc Food Science and Technology 15
 46 Doctor of Optometry (OD) 08
 47 BSc Computer Science 15
 48 BSc Physics 24
 49 BSc Biological Science 15
 50 BSc Actuarial Science 13
 51 BSc Chemistry 20
 52 BSc Meteorology & Climate Science 21
 53 BSc Human Biology (Medicine) 06
 54 Pharm D (Doctor Of Pharmacy) 08
 55 BSc Medical Laboratory Technology 09
 56 BSc Sports and Exercise Science 21
 57 BSc Nursing 08
 58 BSc Herbal Medicine 15
 59 BSc BVM (Veterinary Medicine) 13
 60 BSc BDS (Dental Surgery)(Fee Paying Only) 08
 61 BSc Disability and Rehabilitation Studies 17
 62 BSc Midwifery 12
 63 BSc Sonography (Fee Paying Only) 18
 64 BSc Agriculture 24
 65 BSc Post Harvest Technology 24
 66 BSc Natural Resource Management 24
 67 BSc Forest Resources Technology 23
 68 BSc Landscape Design and Management 24
 69 BSc Agribusiness 14
 70 BSc Agricultural Biotechnology 21
 71 BSc Dairy and Meat Science & Technology 23
 72 BSc Aquaculture and Water Resource Management 23

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  1. Pls I had English c4,social c5, science d7, econs c4 ,maths d7,govt b3 and maths d7 wat course can I offer in ur school

  2. Please I had English C4, Core Maths C4, Science C4, Building Construction A1, Physics B2, Technical Drawing C4 and E8 in E/Mathematics.
    Can I offer B.Sc Construction Technology and Management?

    Please my contact… 0543216112

  3. Hello please my name is Kingsley and I had..
    English C6
    Mathematics B3
    Social studies B3
    Int. Science D7
    G.K.A B3
    Graphics B3
    Sculpture C4
    Economics C5

    Please what programmes course can I applied for..

  4. I had
    Social B2
    Science B2
    Core maths C4
    Eng C6
    Chemistry B2
    Gen.agric B2
    Elect maths B3
    Animal Hus. C4
    Please can I get Agribusiness my contact 0558893847

  5. Comment:pls i had the following grades
    English C4
    Science C6
    Maths C 6
    Social C6
    Government C6
    Economics C6
    IRS D7
    Geography E8
    pls can i pursue BA Religious studies ? If not what other course can i pursue ??

  6. Please I had the following grades can I offer land economy?
    English D7
    Mathematics C6
    Social studies B2
    Science B3
    Economics C6
    Geography B2
    E/mathematics B3
    Government A1

  7. Pls can i get admission with any course with these grades in 2019/2020
    Social b3
    English c4
    Core maths c6
    Elective maths c4
    Physics b3
    Biology c6 and chemistry D7

  8. I’m Emmanuel

    I had the following grades so please I’m I qualified to offer GRAPHIC DESIGN please?
    Maths D7
    Economics C5
    English C5
    Design B3
    GKA A1
    Science C6 Social Studies C6
    Leather Work B3

  9. I had the following grades so please I’m I qualified to offer GRAFIC DESIGN please?
    Maths D7
    Economics C5
    English C5
    Grafic Design B3
    GKA A1
    Science C6 Social Studies C6
    Leather Work B3

  10. Comment: please any course for me, i had Maths C6 , English C6 Social C6 Science E8 ,Economics C5 Geography C6, Government C4 Elective Mathematics E8

    • Please if I want to apply as a matured student, what and what do I need to submit?
      And I want to know if one can apply as a matured student in all courses too…thanks

  11. Comment:pls I had core maths B3,English Language C4,integrated Science B3,Social Studies C4, Elective maths A1,Economics B3,Accounting B3,Business Management C4.pls which course can I offer with this grade.pls my contact number 0249953208

  12. Please I had aggregate 22 thus social b2,core maths c6, English c4,science b3,crs b2,econs b3,geog c6, govt c4 and I want to apply knust God willing next yr but I wanted to know what wat course can I offer as an arts student with dix aggregate

  13. Social A1
    English C6
    Science B3
    Core Maths B3
    Geography B3
    Economics B3
    E. Maths B3
    Government A1
    please can i offer BSc in Information Technology, Computer Science or Publishing Studies
    Thank you

  14. please i had social A1, English C6, Core Maths B3, Int. Science B3, Geography B3, Economics B3, Elective Maths B3 and Government A1 please can i get an admission to offer Bsc in Information Technology, Computer Science or Publishing Studies.
    thank you.

  15. Comment:i had 09 as a General Arts student,she is ma lil sis,can she offer nursing or midwifrey
    English C4
    Maths A1
    Science A1
    Social A1
    E Maths A1
    Geography A1
    Econs A1
    Government A1

  16. Pls I had
    Core maths c4
    Science B3
    English. C6
    Social A1

    Economics. B2
    Geography b3
    E maths. B3
    Government. B3

    Pls when selecting my best 3 are you going to use my science or my English for the aggregate and also with this grade can I offer statistics
    Pls my number 0209265756

  17. pls can i apply agribusiness or economics with the following grades

  18. Please what can I study with the combination of Economics, Geography, Government and Elective Maths
    Please notify me on 0557608505

  19. Pls I had
    Social Stds-b3
    Int. science-c6
    Core Math-d7
    Asante Twi-b2
    Do I qualify to offer BA in Akan in your school.
    pls send me a reply via 0553 38 33 65.
    I’m Anane Francis Kwaku

  20. Comment:pls I had…..English c6, social studies b3, integrated science c5, core maths d7, biology c6, physics c5, emaths d7, and chemistry e8, which course can i offer in the engineering sector

  21. I had
    B3 in social studies
    B3 in history
    C5 in geography
    E8 in core maths
    C4 in English
    C5 in Economics
    C6 in core science
    C5 in Government
    Which course can I offer

  22. Comment:I had 13 that is
    chemistry B2
    physics B2
    biology B3
    Emath A1
    social A1
    core math B2
    int science B3
    English B3
    can I offer chemical engineering
    please this is my contact

  23. Please can I apply for computer science with the following grades
    English – B3
    Core maths – C4
    Science – C5
    Social studies – B2
    Elec. Maths – B3
    Economics – B3
    Geography – B3
    Government – A1

  24. please I need the cut-off point for petroleum engineering, petrochemical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science in KNUST

  25. please I had agregate 25 can i offer BA economics english c5 core maths c5 intergrated science B3 Economics B3 Goverment B3 Geography C6.

  26. please I had agregate 25 can i offer Bsc economic english c5 core maths c5 intergrated science B3 Economics B3 Goverment B3 Geography C6.

  27. please I had agregate 25 can i offer Bsc quantity surveying construstion economics english c5 core maths c5 intergrated science B3 Economics B3 Goverment B3 Geography C6.

  28. Comment: had grade 13 can I offer biochemistry
    social studies -C4 English -C5 Science -A1 Core math -B3 chemistry -A1 Elective math -A1 physics -B3 and biology B2

  29. Please I had grade 16
    A1in Social studies
    B3 in Core maths
    B3 in Int. Science
    B3 in English
    B3 in Physics
    B3 in Biology
    C5 in Chemistry
    C5 in Elective Maths…what Science courses can i pursue?

  30. kwaku solomon
    social stds-A1
    physics A1
    e maths A1
    biology A1

    • Pls i got Social A1,English C6,Core maths C6,Int.Science B3,Economics C5,Geography B3,Government B3 and Elective maths B3.
      Pls I want to apply for sociology .can i apply it and get it ?

  31. Comment:pls i had grades 22can i offer any course in science departement ENG C5 MATHS C4 I/SC4 ELECTIVE MATHS C4 CHEMISTRY C4 PHISICS B3 pls contact me00549275734

  32. Please am Sefah Samuel Amoateng. I got
    Social -A1
    Core Maths-A1
    Economic -A1
    Elective Maths -B2
    Geography -B3
    Government -B3
    The problem is, my Science not in yet so please can i apply.
    And if yes which courses can i apply for.

  33. Comment:please i had social B2, English B3, c.maths C4, science B3, E.maths A1, Biology B3, chemistry C6 and physics C4 Can i offer biochemistry please for any information contact me on 0248115916

  34. social-b3
    food and nutrition-b3
    mgt in living-c6
    please can i offer diploma in midwifery with my grades

  35. I am Joshua Cann Lamptey
    Please this is my results details
    English C6
    Core mathematics B3
    Int. Science C4
    Social Studies A1
    General Knowledge in Art A1
    Picture Making A1
    Ceramics B3
    Can I apply for computer science?

  36. Oppong kelvin
    Plz can I get one of the engineering courses which is civic engineering with social B2
    English C6
    Core maths B3
    E-maths C4
    Integrated science B3
    Biology B3
    Chemistry C6
    Phsyics C6

  37. Comment:please I did not offer elective ICT can offer computer science or computer engineering at the university

  38. Comment:please I did not offer elective ICT can offer computer science or computer engineering at the university

  39. Have SOC-B3, ENG-B3, INT SC-B3, C MATH-C4,BIO-B3, E MATH-B3, CHEM-B3, & PHYSICS-C5 in the June 2017 WASSCE I want to read any of the ff COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING COURSES: BSc Materials Engineering, BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering or BSc Metallurgical Engineering. Which of these do I have the greatest chance. Please help me NOW. worried DESMOND. Thanks.

  40. We bought form and we are applying with awaiting result but we only saw few courses and because of that we are having difficulty of select now. What should we do now, as we are not interested in those few courses available should our money go waste

  41. Comment:Can a general Arts student with the electives below,,:E.maths,Government, Economics and geography offer either BSc Nursing or Midwifery.

  42. please I had
    English- C4
    Maths- C4
    History- B3
    Crs- B3
    BA history
    BA Religious studies
    BA Akan . please can I apply for any of the above courses with this my results? thanks

  43. Please I had :
    English. B3
    Physics A1
    chemistry A1
    Emaths. A1
    inter.sci. A1
    coremaths B2
    Biology. B3.

    is it highly probable to gain admission to offer Nursing?

  44. I had english c6 cmath c4 social B3 Science B3 Geogra B3 Gov’t C4 Econom C6 Emath C4 pls will l be offered admission to do geography and rural delovement

  45. please i had c6 in only food and nutrition,the rest i had d7 to f9.will i get admission to offer degree or diploma in nursing or laboratary science technology or fashion design or any other course .i promise to pay any ammount of fees you will demand for me to get admission to the university.0277802067

  46. pls i have c6 only food and nutrition,the rest are d7 to f9.will i get admission to do degree in nursing or laboratary technology or fashion design or any other course i will pay for any fee u will reguire for me to get admission.

  47. Comment Text*i had
    Core Maths B3
    English C6
    Integrated Science B2
    Social B3
    Biology B3
    Chemistry B3
    Elective Maths A1
    Physics B3
    Can I gain admission for electrical engineering.

    • Please my name is Emma.I had
      Social studies B3
      English language C4
      Science D7
      Maths D7
      Financial Accounting B3
      Principles of cost Accounting B3
      Business management A1
      Economics C4
      Please can I offer any selective business program.My contact is

  48. I had
    Core Maths B3
    English C6
    Integrated science B2
    Social Studies B3

    Biology B3
    Chemistry B3
    Elective Maths A1
    Physics B3
    Can I gain admission for electrical engineering.

  49. Please am TORMOR ROSE l have English C6,core maths D7,Science B3,Chemistry B3,Physics C6,Elective maths B3,Technical drawing B3 can l applied for nursing
    My number please 0543295770 if l can applied

  50. Please am TORMOR ROSE l have science B3,English C6,core maths D7,elective maths B3,physics C6,Technical drawing B3 can l applied for nursing

  51. Please am TORMOR ROSE l have science B3,English C6,core maths D7,elective maths B3,physics C6,Technical drawing B3 can l applied for nursing

  52. Comment Text*please i had chemistry b3 biology b2 physics b3 e-maths c6 core maths c4 social c5 science b3 English c4 will I be offered nursing

  53. Pls I will like to know whether I would be admitted to the herbal department with in level 200 after attending a diploma course of complementary health care…

  54. Please I had
    English- C5
    Science -B3
    Maths- D7
    Geog- C4
    Econs- C6
    Elective I.C.T- C5
    Can I apply for Human Resource Management

  55. Please I had 19 but offered econs,government, geography, elective mathematics can I do computer science or petroleum engineering.

  56. Please I add the following
    English D7,Social C6,Science C5,Core mathB3,Elective Math C4,Business Management B3,Financial Accounting B3 and Cost Accounting C4
    at wassce which course can I offer has a business student

  57. Pls I’m a diploma nurse with general arts wassce certificate who wants to apply for physician assistant at knust. pls what are the requirements needed.

    • Comment Text*please i did science at shs .this were my result ; physics B3, Biology A1, Elective Maths C5 , Chemistry D7 , Core Maths C4, English C5 and science B3 . will i get admission if i apply for bsc. physics? if not which course can i get admission.

  58. Am Agric student I had the ff result . English b3 core maths d7 science b3 chemistry c5 agriculture c5 physics c6 please can i apply for BSC agriculture Engineering?

  59. Comment Text*please I had the following result
    social A1,core maths B3,science B3,English C5,accounting B2,E-maths C4,Bm B2, economics D7 what business course would I get the chance to offer in knust or legon

  60. Please I had A1 in English
    A1 in social
    A1 in Economics
    C4 in maths
    C4 in science
    B2 in government
    B2 in Islamic religious studies
    B3 in geography. Can I please apply for bachelor of law or land economy?

  61. Please I have E8 in both Mathematics and Integrated Science but I don’t know weather i could be offered admission into the Information Communication Technology Department. Because i have experience in that aspect. I have worked in an Internet cafe as a cafe administrator for almost seven years. (That is from my JHS One to date).
    Please, here is my contact number (0553688539/0200556032) for any clarification. Thank you.

  62. Hello, please can i get admission to offer information technology because checking the cut off list i cant find it on the list. At the moment am having a wassce cert with two nov/dec cert as well, can i apply with all the three combined.. That is by choosing my best six out of the results have got

  63. Pls I got aggregate 21 with the elective government(A1), economic(B3), geography(C5)and Christian religious studies (A1) which courses can I applied for or can I applied for political science?

  64. Please till now I haven’t received any message as to whether I gained admission or not so please I will like to know because I can’t stay home for another extra year making three years at home please. Please consider me

  65. Desmond says I got 19 and want to do metallurgical engineering. However l missed the admission closing date. Is there a way out for admission?

  66. please when Iogin my admission status,it keeps on telling me “will be notify if admission is complete” and up till now no message for me

    • I want to know if I can gain admission for sonography for 2018/2029
      Maths C6
      Science :B2
      Elective maths D7
      Biology B3
      Chemistry C4


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