University of Ghana Cut-Off Points | Legon Admission Cut-Off Points

Legon Cut-Off Points | University of Ghana, UG Approved Cut-off Points required for Admission into the institution.


University of Ghana, LEGON cut-off points: Are you an aspirant of the  University of Ghana, UG Legon? Do you want to know the approved cut-off points of UG Legon? We have got you covered with all aspect of University of Ghana (Legon) cut-off points required for admission into the institution.


There are certain criteria to be observed before being admitted to study in any of the courses in any tertiary institution in Ghana. One of these which include meeting the required cut-off points for each school as well as the courses itself. It is very easy to obtain admission if one has met the required cut off mark for the admission into a particular course.

The following is the University of Ghana, UG Legon official cut-off points to consider before applying for Admission to student any academic programme available at UG Legon.

Cut-Off Points for University of Ghana (UG Legon)



Programme Cut-off    Requirement
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 20
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension 20
Bachelor of Science in Family & Cons. Sciences 20
Bachelor of Science in Administration – Regular 10
Bachelor of Science in Administration  (Fee-paying) 12
Bachelor of Science in  Administration City Campus 20 1st Choice
Bach of Science in Agricultural Engineering 9
Bach of Science in Biomedical Engineering 7
Bach of Science in Computer Engineering 8
Bach of Science in Food Process Engineering 9
Bach of Science in Material Science & Engineering 9
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science 10 B3 in Elective Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 12
Bachelor of Science
Animal Biol. & Conservation Science 17
Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology 9
Botany 17
Chemistry 17
Computer Science 11 B3 in Elec. Maths
Earth Science 14
Marine & Fisheries Sciences 17
Mathematics 17 B2 in Elec. Maths
Nutrition & Food Science 14
Physics 17 B3 in Elec. Maths
Psychology 16
Statistics 17 B2 in Elec. Maths
Bachelor of Laws (L. L. B) 9
Bachelor of Arts
General Arts Background 16
English B3 in Eng. Lit.
Economics C5 in Elec. Maths
French B3 in French
Geography C4 in Geography
Mathematics B3 in Elec. Maths
Psychology C4 in Int. Science
Spanish C6 in French
Statistics B3 in Elec. Maths
Fee-paying 20
Business/Science/Vocat’nal Backgr’d 12
City Campus 24 1st Choice Only
Bachelor of Fine Arts 20
Bach. of Medicine &  Bach of Surgery 7
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 7
Bachelor of Pharmacy 8
Bachelor of Nursing 8
Bachelor of Sc. in Allied Health Sciences
Dental Laboratory Sciences 10
Dietetics 10
Medical Laboratory Sciences 10
Occupational Therapy 10
Physiotherapy 10
Radiography 10
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 15

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  1. what are the cut-off points for languages, Chinese to be precise

  2. Please will I be granted admission to offer law or nursing with….c.maths d7..sceince c4…social b3…english b3…crs b3…twi b2…government c4…ecinomics c6 …. please if no ,then which course will be suitable

  3. Comment:
    pls can I read geography with the following
    English B3
    Social A1
    Core maths C4
    Science C5
    Government B2
    Geography B2
    Economics B3

  4. Comment:plz i had c6 in english,d7 in maths,d7 in science,b3 in social,b3 in business management,b3 in accounting,c4 in economics and a1 in costing,which business program can i offer in UG.

  5. I had de ff results, B3 in E maths, economics, geography, core maths, b2 in government, c4 in English and c6 in social. will I be admitted into de department of agricultural economics in the university of Ghana. if no then what course should I apply for?

  6. Hi please check this out for me if i would be granted.
    graphics design b3
    sculpture b3
    general knowlege in arts c4
    english c4
    social c5
    science c6
    maths d7
    thank you

  7. Comment:pls can I gain admission to study in UK with grade 17? I had wanted to read political science. But I had C6 in English, A1 in Govt,B2 in social C4 in core maths B2 in History B2 in CRS.

  8. please i got an aggregate of 14 and i need a serious business course to persue core maths b3 integrated science c5 social studies b3 english b3 accounting b2 costing A1 bus management A1 and economics A1


  10. I had
    government b2
    social stud b2
    economics b2
    english c5
    core maths c5
    science c4
    geography c5
    e maths c5
    do i have chance for offering economics and finances

  11. Comment Text*pls am home science std I had b3 in food and nutrition ,biology. C5 ,english d7,social d5 ,general knowledge in arts c 6 can I apply for physiotherapist

  12. Please i would like to know in details the cut off point for Business Administration and other programmes that can be offered in relation to it.Thank you.

  13. Please I’m Francis I had c5 in maths c6 in eng b3 in Sci b2 in gov c4 in econs and b3 in geography please would I be permitted to read political science? please someone should help me with this.

  14. Please I had
    Social A1
    English C4
    Int Sci B3
    Cmath B3
    Biology B3
    Chemistry B2
    Emath B3
    Physics C5
    can I offer Biomedical engineering , Medical Laboratory Technician or Biochemistry?

  15. Can I read political science with these grades.
    Core Maths=C6
    E maths=D7

  16. Pls i want pursue law even if on fees paying basis with the following results
    core-math B3
    English C4
    Social B3
    Int Scienc c5
    History B3
    Twi b3
    Eng literatue C6

  17. I was a business student.I had b3 in both business management and economics c6 in both accounting and costing,c4 in English, c5 in social studies and both c6 in science and maths.What course can I offer at Legon as a business student

  18. Please I had
    .Maths -D7
    Social studies-B3
    Food and Nutrition-B3
    Management in living-C5

    I want to Study Dietetics Or Food and Nutrition

  19. Pls I want to know the course I can pursue with the core subjects and my electives
    Science C5
    Mathematics C6
    English language B3
    Social studies C5

    CRS B2
    Economic C5
    French C5
    Literature C6.
    But in my interest, I want to study law.

  20. please i offered business and i want to know the courses i can read with my grades
    social studies b3
    english lang c4
    core maths b3
    integrated science b3
    business management a1
    financial accounting c5
    economics b3
    elective maths d7

  21. Please I want to know the course I can read with the following grades.
    1.core maths-C4
    3.Integrated Science -A1
    But it is in my interest to read Chemistry as a course

  22. Had a total aggregate of 26.
    Social – C5
    Core Maths- D7
    English – B3
    Science – C5
    Geography – C6
    Economics – C5
    Government- B3
    Elective Maths -B3

    Please I’m I eligible to apply for Business Administration or Bachelor of Science in IT.

  23. please I had B2 in government, B3 in CRS,B3 in English, social C5,maths D7,science D7,C4 in Economics,C5 in Geography… Please can I pursue political science? ?

  24. Pls I had C6 in biology, C6 in physics ,C6 in chemistry, C4 in English, C6 in science and C6 in core maths.
    Can I apply for nursing

  25. I had E8 in maths, social B3, English C6,Economics C5,Government C5,CRS C5,Is there any chance I can study to be a counselor, without writing the Nov/Dec

  26. Please I had c6 in English, c6 in maths,c6 in science, B3 in social, B3 in management in living, B3 in General knowledge in art ,B3 in food and nutrition and c6 in biology
    Please what course can I offer in your institution

  27. Comment Text* I had c4 in core maths, c5 in English, c4 in economics, B3 in c. r. s, B3 in government, c6 in science, c4 in social studies, c4 in history, please which programmes are available for me

  28. Please I had C6 in English, C5 in social, C6 in economics ,B3 in GKA, E8 in Mathematics, D7 in science can I offer Sociology

  29. Pls I had the following grade: BM-A1. English-B3 Social Studies-B3 Accounting-C4 Economics-C5. Core Mathematics-C5. Science-C6 and E.maths-C6 can I offer accounting

  30. Pls I had English B3
    Maths B3, Science B3,
    Social B3, Gov’t A1, CRS B3,
    Geography C5, Econs B3, can I offer political science in Legon?

  31. Please will I be granted an admission to offer Human Resources, with my following results
    English- C5
    Maths- D7
    Geog- C4
    Science- B3
    Econs- C6
    Elective ICT- C5

  32. Can general arts student with aggregate 19 pursue nutrition. If no what programme will you recommend for me. I am confused please help me. Thanks

  33. Please can I get admission to offer economics and maths with these grades
    Social studies C4
    Core maths B3
    English B3
    Science B3
    Geography B3
    French B3
    Economics B2
    Elective Maths C5

  34. Pls I had government B2, Kasem B3 social studies B3, mathematics C4 science C4, Economics C6, Geography C6, English D7. Can I offer degree distance in human resources management

  35. pls I had social A1. B2.
    core maths B3. English B3. Biology B3.
    Chemistry B3. physics C5.
    pls can I gain admission into UG to study either Radiology or Radiography as a lady ..

  36. Please I want to know if I can apply for general agriculture with my grades as follow:
    English – c6
    Core math – b3
    Science – b3
    E maths-b3
    Biology – c4
    Please my number is 0200635098
    Thank you

  37. Comment Text*pls i got social B3, maths C5, English C6,Science C6, Government C4 ,Economic B3 and Geography B3. please can I offer B.A (Social science).

  38. Please, I got Geography A1,Social studies B3,Core maths B3,Government B3, Economic B3,ELECTIVE MATHS B3 English C5,Science C6.can I persue mathematics under humanity.

  39. Maths d7
    English c6
    Science c4
    govt b3
    geography b3
    Economics b3

    please would I get admission… and what is my cut off point for any course I will choose

  40. please I want to find out whether I can use the following grades to apply for medicine.
    Social studies B3
    English Lang. B3
    Inter. Science A1
    Maths(Core) A1
    Biology A1
    Chemistry A1
    Maths(Elect) A1
    physics B3

    I had a total of aggregate 08 but I want to find out whether I could get admitted as a fee-paying students. please let me know whether I’ve a chance of getting regular. Thank you

  41. Co -maths B2,Social B3,English C6,Government A1,Economics B2 ,Geography C5, Science D7,Twi C6.pls can I get admission

  42. Please I had aggregate 18 with a least of C4 , so can I offer biomedical science or biological science or mechanical engineering as a lady.

  43. I had
    English c4
    Science c4
    Maths c6
    Social b3
    Costing b2
    Accounting b3
    Business management b3
    Economics c6 .and I want to offer banking and finance.

  44. Pls I had B3 in social studies, B2 in B.M, c5 in c.Math, c5 in English, c6 in science, C5 in Economics, c6 costing, c5 in Accounting so pls Whch programme can I read.

  45. Pls i had A1 in govt and history,B3 in CRS and C5 in social studies and economics and C6 in core maths,english and science can i apply for psychology

  46. Can I offer medical laboratory science with the following grades,
    English B3
    Core Maths B3
    Int Science B2
    Social Studies A1
    Biology A1
    Chemistry B2
    E Maths B2
    Physics B3

  47. Please I had B3 in c maths,inter_ science chemistry and English,B2 in physics,C4 in biology and e maths.Can I I offer any engineering course.

  48. I had A1 in Government,B 3 in English,B 3 in int science,C 4 in social studies,C 6 in core maths,B 3 in economics,C 5 in Geog,C 6 in History. What course can the university offer me according my grade.

  49. Hello,please I had A1 in government,A1 in social studies,B3 in both Economics and Asante twi and also got C4 in English,C5 in integrated science and C6 in core mathematics which is aggregate 16 but I want to offer the Bachelor of Law (L.L.B).
    Please how can I get this course

  50. Please which of the courses can i offer with my grade; Social B3, English C4, C5 in science, C6 in Core maths, A1 in Government, B3 in Economics, C6 in Geography and E8 in Elective maths

  51. pls I had c4 in core mathematics,c5 in social studies, c6 in English and in social studies, c5 in biology and c6 in physics. please which science related course will i be able to get space in.

  52. Please I had B2 in social,C4 in English,C6 in maths,B2 in government ,B3 in history, and E8 in science please can I apply for political studies

  53. Please l had c5 in geography, economic, elective maths and B2 in Government. and also l had C5 in core maths, social studies, C6 in English and E8 science. l want to study eco-maths ( Economic with mathematics

  54. Please I had C5 in core maths and economics, C6 in English, geography and government, D7 in core science and please can I apply for communication studies or bachelor of art.

  55. please i am a general arts student and studied geography,economics,elective mathematics, and general knowledge in arts.

    • Please will I be granted admission to offer medical laboratory technology, radiology,bio medical engineering or bio chemistry with aggregate 14


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